Enson’s Story

All his life – 34 years old, IT Consultant, Enson Soo believed that his path had been set from the beginning and he was just along for the ride. But an unexpected question from his older child one day sent him down a spiral and later a journey of faith discovery that ultimately saved him.

I was born into a typical Buddhist family where visiting temples and idolising statues were a part of my family’s norm. I believed that Buddhism was the way of life and like many others in my shoes, had no say in such matters.

My parents separated when I was a teenager and that sparked a revolution in me to rebel and stand out. I strayed from the path my parents set out for me and that resulted in me landing in various tricky situations and troubles. No doubt at times I still had the occasional nice people who wanted to share the gospel with me, but I’ve always shied away from their attempts and when I couldn’t get rid of them, would result in heated arguments fueled by anger.

That episode lasted throughout school life until I started working, where I met my (now) wife who happened to be a Christian. My wife and relatives would attempt to share the story about Jesus and I would tune out mostly. It wasn’t until the birth of our second child and my family’s persistence that I felt God knocking on my door.

But it was one of those serious conversations with my wife about our oldest son that sparked a real dilemma in my heart. One day my son opened-up to my wife, saying he was worried about not meeting me in heaven when we die because I did not believe in God. I was dumbfounded, never expecting my young son to have such thoughts and I went to bed that night resigned.

Truth was, that left me with a million nagging thoughts and I wanted to get it out of my head. I told my wife about it and she encouraged me to open my heart to God and speak to HIM for once.

I did just that and that marked my first encounter with God. I didn’t know how to start so I kicked off by confessing my sins and asked for His forgiveness. Soon after I burst out in tears uncontrollably, barely able to contain these emotions and right there and then, I accepted Christ. That very night I slept soundly like a baby, without a worry in my mind.

With a new-found faith, my next course of action was to find a resident church and we found HTBB and that was when I stumbled across Alpha. I must admit, I was resistant to the idea at first and it took a lot of convincing to get me to even attend. My first encounter with Alpha was shoddy at best and I didn’t get much out of it due to my poor attendance. But I did have a good impression of it and decided to give it one more try. Turns out I was just in time for the launch of the new Alpha Film Series and I enjoyed it so much, I didn’t even miss a single session of it!

My biggest take out from Alpha surprisingly, was the people. I always thought that “Godly people” were lame and “uncool”, boy was I wrong! Each time I came for Alpha, these people kept me asking questions after questions. I felt like a young boy waiting for after school activities. These strangers who kept me pondering and questioning soon became lifelong friends, my first batch of “Godly” friends, I jested.

Since then, my hunger for Jesus just grew and through Alpha, I got a glimpse of who He is and Why He died for me, how do I pray and most importantly, how to build a meaningful and closer relationship with Him. If I could sum up Alpha in a sentence, I’d call it a relaxed, highly educational and non-judgmental program that accepts you no matter where you’re from. I didn’t feel obligated to commit to anything or pressured to accept anything I wouldn’t do so willingly.

I now talk to God every day about everything, even the things I don’t usually share with anyone. Life became more structured and I see vast improvement in my relationship with my family. It helped me become a better son, husband and better father to my beloved children.

To sum up my journey finding my faith in a sentence, I’d say – “I was once lost, but now I am found.”

I now have Jesus as my Best Friend, someone whom I can surrender – not just my worries and anxieties, but also my ambitions, hopes and goals into His hands and know He will take great care of them all. I believe He knows what’s best for me

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