Nicky & Sila Lee: Strengthening Marriages in Asia

Nicky and Sila, the founders of The Marriage and Parenting Courses (MPC), recently wrapped up a busy 25-day tour across five countries in Asia Pacific: Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, and South Korea. They visited seven cities, meeting with church leaders, couples, and donors of Alpha and MPC.

Their journey began in Jakarta, Indonesia, where they spoke at IED church and at the Family Conference hosted by MDC Church. Here, they met with delegates from over 50 churches, some traveling long distances to attend. The couple also held a special session for church leaders, laying the groundwork for future collaboration between the churches and Alpha Indonesia. With invitations from churches for follow-up sessions, there are already exciting opportunities for strong partnerships on the horizon.

In Phnom Penh and Siem Reap, Cambodia, Nicky and Sila focused on engaging with church leaders. They held a dedicated session to discuss best practices and then shared their expertise at a locally organised conference. The conference drew 100 couples, eager to learn how to build strong marriages. They even had the opportunity to visit a women’s prison running Alpha, a powerful example of Alpha’s impact in the transformation of society.

Vietnam offered a chance to partner with the “Love Your City” initiative. Nicky and Sila led a Nurturing Marriage Seminar in Ho Chi Minh City, attracting over 300 participants. They also explored The Marriage Course with local church leaders and participated in an Alpha Conference.

Bangkok, Thailand, saw the launch of Episode 8 of The Marriage Course, especially designed for couples in ministry. This new resource was introduced to Thai pastors and spouses, providing them with tools to strengthen their own marriages. They also shared their insights with a wider audience through a live TV interview.

The final stop was South Korea. From Seoul, Nicky and Sila travelled to Jeonju and Suncheon, introducing The Marriage Course and conducting training sessions with churches in both cities. They capped off their visit with an interview on CTS Broadcast, the first Protestant Christian TV channel in South Korea, reaching more viewers with their message of strong marriages.

Nicky and Sila’s tour wasn’t just about visiting places. It was about building a network of support for couples and church leaders across Asia Pacific. By sharing practical tools and fostering collaboration, they’re helping couples build stronger marriages and create healthier communities.

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