Alpha Regional Gathering 2023

Session Recording

Thank you for being with us at Alpha Regional Gathering 2023.

ARG23 brought together strategic church leaders and pastors, together with Alpha regional staff from the Asia Pacific region for an impactful week-long event. With a focus on collaboration, envisioning, and celebration, and it marked a significant milestone in shaping the future of church engagement. We look forward to partnering with you to help people discover and develop a relationship with Jesus.

Alpha Regional Gathering 2023 Highlight Video

Session Recordings

Day 1 Special Track – Circle and Spaces
Day 1 Session 1 – Embracing Modern Day Dating
Day 1 Session 3 – Faith Filled Families
Day 2 Session 1 – Vital Signs of a Healthy Church
Day 2 Session 2 – The Future of the Church
Day 2 Session 3 – Phases of Revival
Day 3 Session 1 – The Next Decade

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Day 3 Session 2 – Under the Hood
Day 3 Session 4 Innovating Church

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