A Note From Our Executive Director

Alpha had its best year ever in Asia-Pacific in 2023. As the Asian churches continued to grow, many people explored the Christian faith through Alpha. A staggering 418,000 people went through an Alpha course in the region (+38% more than the year before). This was because 11,700 churches, organisations and individuals ran 19,650 Alpha courses (+34% more than the previous year).

The contextualised Alpha Film Series continued to be used by a growing number of churches, in particular the Chinese Alpha Film Series, the Alpha Film Series: konteks Indonesia, and the Hindi and Tamil Alpha Film Series. These new products and the continued growth of the new Australian Alpha Film Series drove much of the growth in people being reached with the good news.

Our focus for 2024 is Alpha for youth, reaching Gen Z with the good news of Jesus. Bringing together senior pastors and youth pastors at our regional gathering in KL in June, we will prepare the churches for the launch of the new Alpha Youth Series in November. This new series will be a game-changer in equipping churches to reach the many young people in our region.

Whilst we obviously thank God for all that He did amongst His churches to bring in a harvest last year, your amazing support and partnership was crucial in seeing this happen. Thank you for the part that you played in making this possible – your prayers, your giving and your service makes a huge difference.

Thank you for your love, generosity and the difference you are making as Alpha continues to equip and empower the Church in Asia for such a time as this.

Miles Toulmin
Executive Director of Alpha Asia Pacific

Alpha is reliant on the Holy Spirit and prayer is vital to the effectiveness of Alpha. At Alpha we are a praying team dependent and seeking the Lord for direction and in every step of the way.

  • Prayer can transform a nation. 
  • Prayer and the ministry of the Holy Spirit are essential to introducing people to Jesus, helping Christians grow in their faith, and to running Alpha.
  • Prayer releases resources from all God’s people, each one has an indispensable part of this Kingdom work that we get to do together.
“Whether 18 or 81, the people who run Alphas or attend an Alpha can always learn something new. It is FUN and the experience of my own encounter with the Holy Spirit at Alpha is what keeps me going.”

Deacon Sanda started Alpha for university students when he was a college professor at Nagoya University, and he continues to run Alpha now, more than 20 years later!                                                   

Deacon Anthony Ichiro Sanda, Japan

Japanese Physicist

  • Alpha provides a safe space for guests to explore the basics of the Christian faith and ask questions in a casual, fun and non-judgemental environment. 
  • Alpha is free, with no strings attached!
  • Alpha places importance on building relationships through 11-weeks of journeying together.
  • Alpha models the gospel in community and is effective for raising small group leaders for mission and evangelism.
  • Alpha is deeply reliant on the Holy Spirit, creating space at the Holy Spirit weekend for people to encounter God through worship and prayer.
“I grew up as an orphan, I kept seeking love in relationships which deepened my despair, creating a painful cycle that pushed me towards hopelessness. Despite two suicide attempts, I survived.

I tried Alpha and it gradually transformed my life, lifting the burden of bitterness and despair. The narrative of a child struggling to move a rock alone deeply resonated with me. It made me realise that I couldn’t navigate life or bring about change alone. Embracing God has brought me a sense of vitality, hope, and a feeling of being loved. Thanks to Alpha, I now have a newfound passion for the word of God and a flourishing relationship with God who knows me intimately.” 

Sneh, India

Alpha in Hindi Guest
Grandma Chea from Cambodia came to faith at 67 years old. She heard about Alpha from her grand-niece who is friends with an Alpha host. On Alpha, she was very active, open and engaged with the weekly discussions and episodes. After Alpha, she cut off the red string on her wrist proclaiming that Jesus is her one true God! Now she is attending a cell group at church.                                                  

Grandma Chea, Cambodia

“Jaimashiha! I joined an Alpha course in March last year. The Alpha programme has been very important to the youth ministry in my church. 

My friends and I did not have the guts to preach the gospel before enrolling in the Alpha course at my church because people are so busy and critical that they do not believe in reading tracks or spreading it in public places.

This generation wants affection, care, attention, and hospitality since they feel increasingly alone. Because I care about them and watch the Alpha series with them, I have been able to share the gospel with my non-believing friends and family in a casual and hospitable way through Alpha. I now know how to make new friends and share my faith without worrying about criticism and my church members’ non-Christian friends are coming with them.”

Bimala, Nepal

Alpha Youth Leader

ARG is an annual highlight hosted by the Alpha Hub in Kuala Lumpur. Each year, church leaders from across Asia Pacific gather in a week-long event that transcends generational, denominational, and ethnic boundaries, fostering a sense of Kingdom unity.

Last June, 509 leaders from 309 churches from 17 countries attended ARG, out of which we saw 281 Alphas starting after this Kingdom gathering.

Feedback from delegates:

Global Chinese Alpha Conference (GCAC)

Last July, Alpha Asia Pacific hosted the Global Chinese Alpha Conference (GCAC) in Singapore, in partnership with Alpha Singapore. Over 1000 pastors and leaders from 260 churches gathered to be equipped, envisioned and mobilised to reach the Chinese globally with the gospel using the Chinese Alpha Film Series (CAFS) as an evangelistic tool.

Feedback from delegates:

Two years ago David started running Alpha as a third-year college student for 35 friends from his home church with the goal of spiritually restoring them after the pandemic had taken a toll on their spiritual well-being. Then he ran Alpha for another 90 unchurched youth, and led an envisioning gathering with 100 youth leaders. Over the recent year, David joined forces with his father and lead pastor of their church to run Alpha trainings across neighbouring towns and cities bringing Alpha to both young and old. 


“This is a generation that has so many questions. The more we help churches to be places of conversation and dialogue, the better chance we have at reaching the next generation.”


Dan Blythe,
Alpha Global Youth Director


“Before I joined Alpha, my faith wasn’t firm, and I distanced myself from church and from the Lord. My best experience in Alpha was when somebody was listening to me or praying for me. The number one thing that changed in me is that I learned how to forgive others, without force.”

 Watch Jirah’s Story

Jirah, Philippines,
Alpha Youth Guest


“I used to be a Muslim. I encountered Jesus during the Alpha Weekend, I felt the Lord touch my heart, leading me to accept Jesus as my Lord and Saviour. At the age of 17 years old, I’m confident to step up and believe that I have Jesus, who already has great plans prepared for my life and future.”

 Watch Marcello’s Story

Marcello, Indonesia,
Alpha Youth Guest


This is Nhat’s story about his journey of discovering faith through Alpha, and how he is transformed into a bolder and more confident person in sharing the Gospel.

 Watch Nhat’s Story

Nhat, Vietnam,
Alpha Youth Guest


Transforming Parishes 2023 (TP23) 

Transforming Parishes is fast becoming a significant ‘catalytic moment of renewal’ in the life of the Catholic Church across the region. It is a key annual event as part of our Catholic Engagement Strategy and is positioned to support our shared mission of evangelisation with the Catholic Church.

Last year, the Alpha Hub in Kuala Lumpur hosted TP23 and welcomed 100 clergy and lay leaders from 7 countries – Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore and Thailand.

“Alpha is highly relevant in the modern world as a welcoming space for individuals to reinvigorate and explore the Christian faith, and for people to bring the message of the gospel to the modern world using innovative means.”

His Excellency, Most Rev. Jose S. Palma

Archbishop of Cebu

“Every time I run Alpha, I enjoy the gentle move of the Holy Spirit among us and at every session, my spirit rejoices to see so many coming back to the Father’s house. I believe that through Alpha, churches can learn how to be supportive and welcoming places where everyone can come in and enjoy God’s embrace and unconditional love.” 

David Istacky, Bangalore

Alpha Champion

The Bible with Nicky and Pippa Gumbel 

The Bible in One Year underwent a small makeover and is now called The Bible with Nicky and Pippa Gumbel (BNAP). To date, over 4.5 million people from 160 countries have experienced God’s Word daily through BNAP.

BNAP Playlist – click on your preferred language and select the video you are on for the day.

BNAP is currently available in 5 Asian languages; Chinese, Bahasa Indonesia, Hindi, Thai and Vietnamese.

“I just wanted to thank you all for making the word of God available and manageable. I always got overwhelmed when I tried to read the Bible, and now it is my favourite thing to do. It has changed my life and has given me purpose. I’m on my 2nd time through BNAP and have thoroughly enjoyed His word, your commentary, and growing deeper in a relationship with God. When I started this journey, I was suicidal and beyond desperate. God has used you to save my life. God bless you all.”

Anonymous User

Alpha Regional Gathering 2024 (ARG24) | 24-26 June 2024

The Asia Pacific Hub in Kuala Lumpur will be hosting pastors and leaders from across the region at ARG24. This year’s youth focused theme is ‘Reimagining What’s Next for Youth, Leadership and Evangelism’. Keynotes, conversations and panels will focus on key evangelistic themes and efforts among Gen Z and Gen Alpha. Churches will also be able to experience the expression of Alpha’s culture and hospitality within a Hub Church. 

This year’s ARG will also serve as a launching pad for equipping churches in the region with the updated tool of the new Alpha Youth Series, which will be available in 8 Asian languages at the end of 2024.

The spirit of evangelism that I witnessed in Alpha and its people is something that will stay with me. Alpha has a huge tent, I pray that more churches find shelter in this tent. 

Fr. Aristotle, Philippines

President, Ateneo De Naga University

The brand new Alpha Youth Series for release in 2024

The current Alpha Youth Series was released in 2017 and has been translated into over 40 languages, with an estimated 3 million young people having seen and experienced the series.

With global and youth culture rapidly shifting, there is now a need for new content that is relevant to young people in today’s cultural moment.

This calls for us to reimagine the current Alpha Youth Series. Production for the new Alpha Youth Series is now underway, with a focus on involving youth every step of the way. This will be a series by youth for youth, incorporating their voices, perspectives, and questions.

The new Alpha Youth Series will be available in English by the end of 2024, with translations into 8 Asian languages.

Traditional Chinese | Simplified Chinese | Vietnamese | Hindi | Tamil | Bahasa Indonesia | Korean | Thai 

Globally, the new Alpha Youth Series will be translated into 55 languages, with eight contextualised versions covering 5 regions. The Alpha Creative Hub will be a key entity in allowing this huge endeavour to take place.

The Alpha Creative Hub

The Alpha Creative Hub is set within the Alpha Hub in Kuala Lumpur. The aim for the Alpha Creative Hub is for it to be a centre of excellence in digital content for evangelism and Christian ministry around the world.

As we advance along our global 10-year vision of making Alpha available to anyone, everywhere, our core products like the Alpha Film Series and the Alpha Youth Series will be critical in helping us achieve this goal. The Alpha Creative Hub will be key in helping us bring this dream to life in enabling us to exponentially scale our translation and contextualisation efforts.

Alpha’s work through the Alpha Creative Hub is a holy endeavour to make the gospel available to everyone, everywhere in their heart language and within a context that is culturally relevant to them.

Multiply Your Impact

Your continued support matters. Thank you for making this possible. None of this would be possible without your partnership, prayers, friendship towards Alpha, and the time you invest in sharing your faith with others.  

God is leading us into future new areas and you are an essential part of the work that God is doing through Alpha. 

Your planned giving alongside other donors becomes a collective force, multiplying impact across the region and is the foundation for stability and growth. Alpha’s initiatives contribute to projects and capacity building to better support and equip churches, organisations and individuals in the region to more widely access translated and contextualised Alpha talks and resources, and evangelise with the tool of Alpha.

Your gift, no matter the size, has the power to multiply the impact of Alpha’s work to give as many people as possible the opportunity to explore faith in Jesus and be touched by God’s love.

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