Invite a Digital Generation

With more than 2.3 billion active social media accounts worldwide, there has never been a better way to reach a global audience with a digital message and make a huge impact all around the world.

We’re launching the Global Alpha Campaign on 1 September 2016, with a second wave in January 2017 and a third wave in September 2017. 

Tease: Mid-August — September 2016

Get your congregation excited about the invitation and encourage them to start thinking about who they can invite to try Alpha after the launch by showing them the trailerDownload the trailer here

Launch: September — December 2016

Here’s what you can do to launch the invitation from 1 September 2016:

  • Share the campaign video on your church’s social media accounts and enter into the #TryAlpha conversation.
  • Encourage your congregation to share the invitation video on their personal social media accounts.
  • Retweet people in your congregation who are talking about the invitation.
  • Respond to questions from potential guests who want to try Alpha at your church following the launch.
  • Promote your Alpha on by adding the course details on Alpha Builder. Direct your social media followers to to find an Alpha near them.

Buzz: From January 2017

There will be a second opportunity to create buzz alongside Alpha in January. Even if you took part in the September launch, this is another fantastic chance to invite more people to #TryAlpha. We will be in touch with additional ideas on how to continue using the invitation and promotional materials during this Buzz phase of the campaign.


Outdoor Advertising

The most successful catalyst in guests coming to try Alpha is a personal invitation. But what strengthens the personal invitation is outdoor advertising, in the form of a poster or a banner. 

After TV, outdoor advertising is the best way to reach the masses. Although billboards may not convert anyone directly, they can provoke thought and potentially lead someone to walk through the doors of their local church.

Is this really for my church?

No matter the size of your church, budget or knowledge of outdoor media buying, there is an effective outdoor strategy for you. It couldn’t be easier to host outdoor advertising space.

Where do I start?

  1. The first step is to contact us if you're interested in outdoor advertising.
  2. Speak to other local churches in your area who are running Alpha’s and suggest that you fund a billboard together. It’s a great way of working together as the body of Christ.
  3. Take a journey around your local community and identify the top strategic advertising spaces. You should see the name of the media owner on the frame so note this down.
  4. Initiate a fundraiser in your church. Inspire your congregation to donate a small amount every day, for a specific time period. This will also encourage in them a sense of ownership and involvement leading up to the launch of your Alpha.
  5. Work with us to get a billboard printed.
  6. Alternatively, if you have no budget, you could always put the banners up on the outside of your church. It’s free, realistic and a great way to advertise.

Global Alpha Campaign 2016 featuring Bear Grylls: Invite a Generation