Training Essentials

Running Alpha is simple, rewarding and fun. You’ve registered your course, recruited your team and inspired your congregation to start inviting friends and family to try Alpha. You’re almost good to go. 

Prepare for an incredible Alpha by training your team.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a seasoned Alpha leader, a regular host, or if you’re running Alpha for the first time with a group of friends in your local pub — training is the best way to bring your team together and prepare for the weeks ahead.

What does it take to get ready for Alpha?

·      Book your place at Run Alpha, Nov 2015. Held at HTB London, Run Alpha is a brand new, interactive training experience designed for a new generation of Alpha leaders. With talks from Nicky and Pippa Gumbel, Al Gordon and others, Run Alpha will help emerging leaders to develop fresh and engaging ways to reach their friends and community. Book your place here:

·      Join an Alpha Lab. Alpha Labs are local gatherings that provide space for leaders to experiment, collaborate, dream big and prepare for the challenge of running Alpha. Get in touch with us at to find a local lab.

·      Log in to to access talks on prayer, training your hosts and helpers, and leading a small group.


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