Q1: How can I register my course? 

A: Sign up to Register your course to register your course. 

Q2: How do I promote my Alpha on Alpha.org/AsiaPacific?

A: Register your Alpha on Register your course, and it will appear when guests search for an Alpha on the Try page. 

Q3: Where can I download materials to promote my Alpha?

A: You can download all your promotional materials from our Print Shop

Q4: Where can I find downloads for my social media Invitation?

A: You can download all your promotional materials from our Print Shop.

Q5: Can I choose which person's face to use for my Invitation?

A: Of course. We provide a range of images that you can use to suit the needs of your community, including a full range with Asian faces. These can be found at our Print Shop.

Q6: Is there any video content?

A: Yes, video content will be available at Alpha.org/AsiaPacific/Invitation.

Q7: How can I train my team?

A: Find out everything you need to know about Alpha training here.

Q8: We've implemented really fun and effective new ways to promote our Alpha. Is it worth sharing our ideas? 

A: We’d love to hear what’s worked for you so we can share ways to launch Alpha. Get in touch with us at ap.comms@alpha.org to pass on your ideas.

Q9: My question isn't here. Who can I get in touch with? 

A: Please contact us at ap.comms@alpha.org if you have any further questions.

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