#MeetTheTeam - Abi and Joanne

#MeetTheTeam - Abi and Joanne

We've got Abi and Jo this week for #MeetTheTeam! They are a fun and dynamic duo, putting their magic touch to ensure all of us will get the best experience at #LC18 and #EA'18.


What are your roles for the Alpha Regional Week? 

Abi: Joanne and I work closely together, and our jobs range from everything in production to communications. In terms of production, we make sure that we have volunteers signing up for the conference but also design the stage setup and getting the right rental equipment to provide the right mood and atmosphere for the conference.  

Joanne: On the communications side, we provide the external communication of making sure that the event reaches the right audience. We work with a videographer (Min) who creates trailers for us to hype up the event anticipation.  

Abi: Communications also covers social media to promote the event digitally. UK has thoughtfully sent over their conference design templates too!  While we need to remain consistent with the UK’s branding, we’re fortunate to be given the freedom to adjust it to what fits to our region. It’s been really fun to take to tinker with the brand and make it look and feel cool with Asian Vibes!  


What are some challenges that you guys have been facing?  

Joanne: UK usually holds the Leadership Conference at the Royal Albert Hall and it’s an amazing experience to be part of it.  To produce that same atmosphere at HTBB’s lovely new hall, we’re going to do a more theatrical opening rather than a standard one that we do every Sunday. 

Abi: Without giving too much away, we’ve got amazing openers and additional talented musicians to top off our usual worship opening that we have. We’re trying to get that right technically, in terms of space and sound. We’re making sure that it doesn’t feel like an HTBB Sunday but feels like a distinct conference.  


How is your production team getting ready for the event?  

Joanne: We’re a really small team and we’ve got good relations with the people whose part of our team. We try to really plan ahead and put in time for contingency. In terms of production, we program everything maybe a week or two before to do a test run and see if everything runs smoothly. And if some adjustments need to be made, at least we have time to work on it.  



What are your expectations for the event? 

Abi:  It’s going to be totally Asian vibes! You definitely don’t want to miss the opener and make sure you come early on Monday morning. I would say that conference opener is going to be very homegrown, so that’s very exciting! 

Joanne: I think that the speakers that we will be having are quite interesting too. They’re all from Asia Pacific Region, so the content already will be very different and that’s something I’m excited about.  


What are you personally looking forward to?  

Abi: I’m really looking forward to working with the volunteers who are helping out. It will be long days but lots of bonding time. It’s great to see all of us working hard on something and then finally seeing it all come together.  

Joanne: I’ve only joined the team a month ago, and I can’t wait to see everything that we’ve been working on come into fruition as it is the biggest event that we’ve done yet. I’m really excited to see our hall filled with people and to see everyone from the region coming down just to have an amazingly good time! 


What do you think delegates should look forward to? 

Abi: The worship is always amazing at the leadership conference at the UK, so I know it wouldn’t be any different here so I’m excited for that. Worship times will definitely be wonderful to be witnessed and be part of.  

Joanne: I’m looking forward to meeting all the leaders from other countries, and what’s not to love about our really cool location!  



What are your tips for any people who are preparing for a huge regional event like this?   

Abi: I would say two things. First off, you should go really heavy on your details and second push your team further than you think. That’s what we try to do – make it bigger than we have ever done before.  

Joanne: In terms of creative direction, it’s really helpful to have meetings so you can communicate openly and freely with the heads of departments about your process as well, which includes the designs and production. There are often times that things will overlap. The monthly meetings have been great which keeps everyone up to date with their progresses, which lessens the chances of schedule clashes and double-handling of jobs.  


As part of your planning details, have you planned your outfits yet? 

Abi: We’re really excited this year because the volunteers get our own t-shirts. We also get our own crew t-shirts and they’re black which is my favourite colour!  

Joanne: Yes, I’m excited to wear our crew t-shirts! 

Abi: I might even get to wear my heels at least once.  

Joanne: Well, I’ll be wearing sneakers because I’ll be standing all day! But if you want to look as cool as us, you can buy t-shirts at the conference as well – as souvenirs!  


Joanne: Stage Manager 

Abi: Producer 

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