#MeetTheTeam - Hanniel

#MeetTheTeam - Hanniel

The Leadership Conference is only possible with a squad of dedicated and passionate volunteers! We met with Hanniel who heads up the volunteers team for this event. 



What is your role for the upcoming Alpha Regional Gathering? 

I’m looking after our 80 volunteers - these are members of HTBB who have very generously given up their time to host our local and international guests. Including the Hub staff, worship and production team, we have altogether 130 volunteers serving our guests throughout the Alpha Regional Gathering week! 

How did you get involved? 

I’m part of the HTBB team. I’m currently training to be a pastor, studying at SPTC and serving on staff at the church. (Fun fact: Hanniel is also the National Director of Alpha Philippines)

What’s it like working with the volunteers? 

It’s a lot of fun and lots of details. I get to work with my friends from church who are incredibly smart and talented. Which is really helpful since there are a lot of logistical details to work out for LC18. 

What’s the fun part about your role?

Thinking about how to make our guests feel welcome and taken cared of. One thing I thought would be helpful is to have fun giant foam fingers to point them to the right direction. 

What are some challenges?

It can be challenging to coordinate everybody’s time since all the volunteers have full time jobs. But everyone is so united and invested in this conference, so we see people making time to get things done. 

What does a typical day look like for a  volunteer at the conference?

Early start! And lots of smiling! Some team may be on the go from start til the day ends. They need to prepare a location for delegates prior to the sessions, and once the session starts, they'll be running off to get the other location prepped for the next activity. It will be tiring, but we have such a great team of people that I'm sure they'll be wearing smiles all day! 

What are some perks that volunteers would enjoy? ( I heard there’s an after party?)

Yes we’ll be celebrating all our hard work with a party and it’s going to be super fun to just hang out with everyone and let loose after our first biggest ever event in the history of HTBB and the Alpha Hub! 

What are you looking forward to LC/ARG? 

I’m really looking forward to meeting all our guests. All our hard work is for them and it’ll be a pleasure to see them enjoying the conference, soak in the presence of God, and receiving new revelation. 

What do you think the incoming delegates should look forward to this event? 

They should look forward to the incredible hospitality of everyone at the Alpha Hub. We’re all excited to meet them and make them feel at home!

Fun facts:

The volunteer team has the funkiest name for themselves!
VibeSquad - team that ensure guests feel welcome and enjoys themselves. They are instructed to smile like they are crazy
IntelliSquad - the information geniuses that will help you navigate
Speaker Buddies - They assist all our speakers
AtmosphereWizards - they stack and lay out chairs. Yes, math is involved to calculate the comfort level and easy access for the guests

A team of volunteers will be stationed all around outside of Lot 10 to guide delegates the right direction to get to HTBB on LC day 1 and 2. Look out for fun huge foam fingers, massive signs, and volunteers in grey t-shirt that says "Here to Help". 


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