#MeetTheTeam - Miles

#MeetTheTeam - Miles

In the lead up to the region’s much anticipated events this May, we’re excited to share with you the brilliant minds behind the scenes. This week, we meet Miles, the man with the vision to make LC18 and EA'18 come to life in this part of the world. 


What’s your role for the upcoming Alpha Regional Gathering? 

The HTBB Team, Sarah and myself will be hosting LC18. I’ll be giving the opening address and interviewing the speakers and then on the Wednesday which is Experience Alpha, I’ll be giving 2 or 3 talks for that.  

What made you decide to bring London’s Leadership Conference to Malaysia? 

Every other year in London, LC coincides with Alpha Global Week and we’ve been only able to bring some Asian delegates over to London before. We’ve seen the impact on them, their lives and their ministries and community and it’s been really moving. But London is really a long way away and the cost of taking people from Asia to there is a lot, and we love for everyone to experience it.  

We thought that wouldn’t it be great if we could host it over here and take the best of both worlds: We can have the best media content from London and also bring in outstanding local speakers from across Asia. It’s sure to make it an unmissable event! While hosting it in Kuala Lumpur, it would definitely give regional delegates the opportunity to experience it and also have a life-changing impact on them, their lives and their ministry. 

What do you think that delegates would experience here in Kuala Lumpur, that they won’t encounter in London?  

There are probably two things. 

One thing for sure is that the venue will be different. London’s Royal Albert Hall is an iconic venue that is beautiful, large and has a wow factor, but it’s not a church. In Kuala Lumpur, we’re hosting it at a church – I think there’s something really special about our Leadership Conference being held at our HTBB church. Hopefully some of the guests will be able to arrive a day before and they have a chance to attend a Sunday service at HTBB. It’s going to be absolutely packed out, but it’s still enough a small enough venue for an intimate setting that the spirit of worship will be amazing. 

It will also be an opportunity for the delegates to receive prayer ministry and to be prayed for. People attending are leaders of their own community - who are doing the prayers week in and week out at their own church. They hardly ever get a chance to be ever prayed for. At this conference, they can receive prayer ministry and benefit from that. Royal Albert Hall may be too big of this kind of setting, so hosting it at HTBB, you get that personal touch as well and we’ll be able to pray for them and bless them in that way.  

Second thing is – it will be in more context. London does feel like a different world when you get there for many of the delegates. The cool thing about Kuala Lumpur is that this is a place where all cultures meet. It will feel like a bit like a home away from home. They will see people who will look like them, they will eat food that they will be used to, they’ll hear languages on the street that they know. This is a melting pot for Asia and in that sense, hopefully that culture will connect with them more and they will get more out of it. 


What are you personally looking forward to? 

One of the cool things about Alpha is that it unifies the body of Christ. It’s seeing many different nationalities, cultures, different branches of the church, whether it’s Anglicans, Methodists, Baptists, Pentecostals, seeing everyone from different backgrounds worship together and praying for one another – it really moves you to tears. It’s the body of Christ working together as one as it should be.  

How are you preparing right now?  

At the moment, I’m writing some of my talks, but also preparing some of my interviews, because we’ve got some really cool people that we’re interviewing and obviously praying for it. Sarah and I are making sure that all the sessions that we’re hosting will be running as smoothly as possible, especially on stage. There’s an amazing team working behind the scenes, but you also got to prepare for what happens on the stage.  

What are your expectations for the event? 

It’s going to be the biggest week in the life of our Alpha Hub in KL to date. We have Pentecost Sunday on May 20, then Leadership Conference on Monday and Tuesday, Experiencing Alpha on that Wednesday. Finally, we’re gathering all the national directors from the office across the region that Thursday.  

This is a new season for us and I think the Holy spirit will be pouring out. We’re doing a 24/7 prayer week at Church in the week leading up to LC. We believe that the Lord is going to do something amazing, so we’re going to pray for that. We’ll also be doing a day of fasting on that Tuesday before the week-long event.  

What do you think delegates should anticipate for?  

You got to believe that the Lord will pour out His spirit: Worship will be absolutely electrifying and encounter with Jesus will be fresh and the content is going to be outstanding – especially the live speakers that we will be having! Idris Jala will be speaking about how we will transform how organizations and nations using the principles of the Amaya. We’ve got Jeehan Sahadevan speaking on the seven values from King Solomon to ensure success in the workplace. The content is going to be mind-blowingly good, worship will be amazing, prayer ministry will be life changing. It’s also a great opportunity to make divine connections and networking during the time in between the sessions is really important. People will make friends, make connections and maybe transform the ministry. It’s just a week of seeing God pouring blessings all over it and you’re never quite the same afterwards! 

As part of your preparation, are you planning your outfits for your sessions during the conference?  

(Laughs) I haven’t planned my wardrobe yet but I think I need some help with that and probably pick someone’s brains. I’m actually wearing my 14-year-old son’s shoes right now, since we’re the same size. I could plan my outfits not only from my own wardrobe but from his as well, as long as I don’t look too try-hard (Laughs).  

You got to believe that the Lord will pour out His spirit: Worship will be absolutely electrifying and encounter with Jesus will be fresh and the content is going to be outstanding

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