Quick Fire Round with Jono Hesp

Quick Fire Round with Jono Hesp

We caught up recently with Jonathan Hesp, better known as Jono - right after the recent Asia Pacific Country Leadership Meeting that was held here in Kuala Lumpur. He had just recently transitioned into a new role as the Asia Pacific CRM Project Director and here's what he shared in our little Q&A session.

Welcome to the Alpha Hub in Kuala Lumpur! Could you share with us a little about your Alpha Story.
Thank you! I'm glad to be part of the Hub team. I have been working for Alpha for more than 10 years! The first time was when I was in London,  I was working with HTB at the time, organising their Alpha runs. After moving back to New Zealand (NZ), I joined Alpha NZ as the National Youth coordinator and subsequently the National Director of Alpha New Zealand, and now I'm the CRM Project Director for the Asia Pacific region.

Wow, 10 years is a long time to be with an organisation. What is it about Alpha that kept you here?
I love what this organisation stands for, and what it is trying to do; evangelisation of the nation, revitalisation of the church, and transformation of the society. I also love the fact that Alpha stands for the unity within the body of Christ and across all denominations.  

Tell us more about this upcoming CRM project that you're working on.
I thought you'd never ask! Let me start with a little background as to why we are doing this. 

With the digitalization of the world and online systems to access Alpha resources, online trainings to inspire, mobilise, equip and support the many people who are planning to run Alpha is essential. We also have a need to record the usage of Alpha, and to measure the impact of Alpha in transforming lives across our region.

CRM stands for Church Relationship Management. What we aim to implement in all our Asia Pacific countries is an online system via Salesforce and the new Alpha Builder. The result is essentially a fully equipped church-facing, training and resource website that can be customised to the needs of each country, plus a database that can help us engage with our churches so much better.

Best of all, this will all be implemented without any additional cost to your country!

That sounds amazing! When will the countries in the region get this exciting online system?
2018 Jan-Jun - Singapore, India, HK, Indonesia, South Korea
2018 Jul-Dec - China, Japan, Thailand, Taiwan, Vietnam, Philippines
2019 Jan-Jun - Myanmar, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, Macao, Nepal
2019 Jul-Dec - Bangladesh, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, Pakistan, Papua New Guinea

What can the countries in Asia Pacific do in the meantime to be ready for this?

2 things you could do until we get in touch with you:
1.    Identify a database evangelist - This would be someone from your NAO, whom we will train to be the point-person for your country for all things Salesforce and Alpha Builder related. It would be great if he/she is tech-savvy, but it is not a requirement.

2.    Identifying fields/data you would want to collect - If you already have an existing database, you could use the existing fields as a start, and add or subtract as necessary. If you do not have an existing database, get in touch with us and we'll send you a sample template that will get you started. Keep it simple to start and we can build from there.

Thank you so much for your time Jono and we wish you all the best for the CRM Project!

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