Alpha Katalyst Conference 2017

Alpha Katalyst Conference 2017

Alpha Katalyst, the Emerging Leaders Conference for Alpha Asia Pacific returns this year. The event name “Katalyst” is a play on the word “Catalyst”, but spelt with a “K” for subtle differentiation from other Christian conferences with similar names. The “K” also has roots in the English transliteration of the Greek word “καταλύτης” (katalýtis).

Held on the 16th of February till the 19th of February 2017 in Changi Cove, Singapore, Katalyst aimed to identify, inspire, activate and send out Christian emerging leaders to be influential change agents in fulfilling God's purpose in their lives, whether this be in the workplace, community, family unit, full-time ministry or for Alpha.

58 delegates, handpicked from 16 countries from the Asia Pacific region, the United Kingdom, Brazil, Ethiopia and Nigeria attended this year’s event, excited and inspired. Assembled with distinguished keynote speakers such as Rev. Miles Toulmin who is the Executive Director of Alpha Asia Pacific and the Vicar of HTBB (Holy Trinity Bukit Bintang), Ken Costa – the author of the book and film series 'God at Work', 'Know Your Why: Finding and Fulfilling Your Calling in Life’ and an influential figure in the financial sector, Melinda Dwight, National Director of Alpha Australia, Henry Tan, Founder of Nexia TS, an international accounting firm that is active in the Asia region and serves as a lay leader at Wesley Methodist Church and Executive Council member of the Methodist Church of Singapore and last but not least, Pastor Benny Ho, a senior pastor of Faith Community Church.

We also had the amazing opportunity of inviting two former delegates from Alpha Katalyst 2015 and Alpha Katalyst 2016, Sheela Ratnam and Glenn Chan to return as speakers. They shared their experiences, and how Alpha has helped them in their journey with God.

Each speaker shared passionately over four days on the topics that explored a deeper level of faith with God, and how God is in every aspect of our lives, including work. Henry Tan said, “God gives us opportunities to exercise our faith. If we want to do something without any obstacles, it’s probably not worth doing”. He encouraged everyone to soldier on through challenges and obstacles to achieve goals.

Alpha Katalyst wasn’t just all ‘talk’ and no fun. The delegates also got to spend some time with each other and bonded over ‘treasure hunt’ at Changi Cove.

On the last day, everyone was reluctant to leave but felt assured that they were going home with a sense of renewed purpose and expectant of how God is going to use them to make a difference in their own countries.


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