Jienn's Story

Jienn's Story

Reminiscing on her days of being a singer-songwriter and freelance designer, Jienn recalls extensive touring as a musician, travelling and performing with fellow local musicians whom she revered. Life was enjoyable. But at the end of it all, she found herself staring at the lowest point of her life.

Hopelessness fell upon me and I struggled to stay afloat. It was during my struggles that I thought i'd give Christianity a try. I did some research about a church my friend recommended and that was when i stumbled upon the Alpha talks on Youtube.

The talks resonated with my struggles and before I knew it; I went through 6 Alpha talks consecutively in the span of two nights! That got my interest piqued and I started attending Alpha at Holy Trinity Bukit Bintang church.

The most memorable experience I brought home from Alpha was surprisingly, the people. I was an introvert and the thought of spending time with a bunch of strangers worried me. It turned out to be an amazing experience and I ended up bonding with them and finding great friendships there.

Growing up in a typical Chinese family setting where both my parents are Buddhist or Taoist, the lack of love expressed made me quite the rebel and that took me down a dark and twisted road where I started to doubt and inflict injuries upon myself.

I didn't believe God existed. And I thought that Jesus was just a mythical character found in the Bible - a book full of myths. But going through Alpha made me experience peace and knowledge I never knew before.

Despite bad experiences in past relationships, I am now dating an amazing guy I met at church and we even attended the Marriage Preparation Course together. Everything in my life seemed to fall in place - I had found my purpose in life (or so it seemed).

A month after I got baptised, my father whom I love and respect was diagnosed with stage 4 nose cancer and I fell ill with dengue fever and we were both hospitalised. It was with God's grace that I persevered. But it was also in the last moments of my father's life where he saw the change in me and that restored our relationship. We could freely express our love for each other until the day he left this world and that will always be a precious memory. 

All in all, I find being able to question and talk about life in an open and non-judgmental environment while growing and supporting each other in Alpha - a blessing indeed.

Having travelled to so many places, I personally thought that ALPHA was one of my greatest journeys.
— Jienn Lim

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