Youth Film Series

Youth Film Series

Asia Tour 2015

Spread the word and start inviting your friends and family

Ben and Jason, the hosts of the popular Alpha Youth Film Series, are coming to Asia!

From Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines in July, all the way to Hong Kong and India in October, the effervescent duo will be training and equipping the youth and youth leaders to invite a generation to explore life, faith & God. 

Spread the word and start inviting your friends and family to catch Ben and Jason live in action.  

July — August 2015


October — November 2015

Hong Kong 

What is the Alpha Youth Film Series

The Alpha Youth Film Series consists of 12 episodes exploring the basics of Christian faith. It was filmed in London, New York, Paris, Vancouver and Jerusalem, and has been incredibly popular with young people, youth groups and schools all around the world.

Interactive, engaging and creatively catered for the young generation, it promises to open up an ongoing discussion about faith in a fun yet comfortable environment.

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